Inclusiveness, Timing, Field Leadership


Brad Carson’s work has brought together the following:

·       “Oakwood Unites” (LA Times, July 18, 1993)

·       “Gang Members Unite”  (Wave Newspapers, July 2, 1997)

·       “Historic Countywide Gang Intervention Truce Signed” (L.A. Watts Times, 5-3-01)

·       “Churches Unite” (Wave Newspapers, June 21, 2006)


Timing :

For such a time as this the timing as never been better for the replication of the process needed for the (UJCC INITIATIVE)  CRA-LA “Construction Careers Policy” (prototype model) to be implemented throughout the urban cities of California as well as all urban areas that are utilizing “President  Obama’s Stimulus Package Recovery $ Money”.

The same is true for the replication process needed for the “Day Reporting Center” (prototype model) to be implemented throughout the Criminal Justice System that is utilizing state prison $ money to reduce the overcrowded prison population and recidivism rate (SB 81/AB 191 and SB 678/AB109) throughout the State of California and then for all of the United States of America.


Field Leadership:

Brad Carson’s work shows us of his field leadership.  Brad has always demonstrated with passion his vision/plans/models to whosoever will, and especially to policy-decision makers on related issues.  I know for a fact, that right now Brad is taking it to the next level of entreprenurialship/ownership by putting “like minded” people together in a syndication, cooperative, collective team in order to create an economic infrastructure that will meet and sustain the basic needs of the urban core population in the urban core geographical area.  He plans on filming this process in a motion picture scenario docu-drama. The end result/goal of this process is to demonstrate “What Works” in community wealth creation models for our individual and collective better future.

Prototype model:

Prototype plan:


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