Brad Carson’s work demonstrates a quantum leap in creativity and a paradigm shift departure from the traditional “law enforcement” officers’ approach toward the solution of the problem in that the following were all first of its kind projects:

Adult Minimum Service Caseload (evidence-based on the 80/20 rule)

·       Gang Alternative Prevention Program (GAPP)

·       Oakwood project

·       F.A.L.C.O.N. unit

·       Gang-Truce of 1994 (*The Truce Lessons from a L.A. Gang War/Karen Umemoto)

·       Gang-Cease Fire of 1997 (“ In appreciation of Advancing the Cause of Peace” LA County Board of Supervisors,
August 5, 1997)

·       Probation-to-Work pilot project

·       Employment Resource Coordinator (ERC position)

·       Career Development Motivational Interviewing

·       Job Talk Newsletter ( PROBNET)

·       Ex-Offenders Job and Resources Fairs (sponsor: the Inter-Agency Gang Task Force)

·       Venice Community Housing Corp. local hiring, training, education of high-risk offenders in building affordable
housing in their communities (Tabor Courts).

·       Ad Hoc Committee to Enforce At-Risk Youth Employment (“As Offenders Seek New Lives Funds Lie Idle” LA Times,
May 25,1997)

·       LA City “at-risk” youth local hiring ordinance (File No. 96-2253)

·       LA County “at-risk” youth local hiring ordinance (June 26, 1997 item# 2P)

·       Gang Truce Peacemakers (“Stopping The Wars”, LA Times, May 6, 1995)

·       $54 Million set-aside in “Proposition A: The Safe Neighborhood Parks Act”

·       10% set-aside in the Project Labor Agreement at the Playa Vista development

·       LA City Attorney’s “American Dream” program (2003-2004 Annual Report pg.5)

·       LA Mayor’s Community Faith-Based Construction Initiative (CDD News 8-20-06)

·       CRA-LA “Construction Careers Policy” (

·       The LA County Probation Dept’s “Day Reporting Center” (What Works: Evidence-Based Practice by Edward J.
Latessa PhD.)  (

·       “Nothing But The Word” (Spiritual Prototype Model) by Brad Carson

·       Original Founding Board Member of the following:“Jobs Create Peace Coalition, The Association of Community-
Based Gang Intervention Workers” ( c/o Gang Violence Bridging Project, Pat Brown Institute, Cal State
LA)“PVJOBS” ( “United Job Creation Council” (


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