The Next Steps

Please get an understanding of a type of business structure we can use as well as how we can capitalize it. See website, and click on About NCB for FAQ, and the following:

1.     “How does pledge financing work?”

2.     “What is pledge financing?”

3.     “What should nonprofits consider if planning to finance pledges?”

4.     “What is a private placement?”

5.     “What is a cooperative?”

I am helping to put together “like-minded” people in a syndication, cooperative, collective team in order to create an economic infrastructure that will meet and sustain the basic needs of the urban core population in the urban core geographical areas. This process will be filmed in a motion picture docu-drama DVD called “In Search of Community Wealth Creators”.  The end result of this process is to “Build the Corporation of the Future”. BRAD CARSON

All of this will be demonstrated in the actual purchasing/procurement of (we/you fill in the blank here)which in this process we/you will internalize spiritual, social, and professional/economic wraparound services (The REACH Prototype Model These networked services are features of Community Wealth Creation Models. These community wealth creation models are blue prints of good success and are replicable in every urban core geographical/political community.

So read my Bio, and complete your gift, talent, and skills inventory ( along   with your Bio/Resume. Make a pledge of your time, talent and taxe$.  Email back to me your Bio/Resume, capacity inventory, and pledge, so that you can get jacked into the “Matrix” (get in where you fit in; this assumes that we/you are in the world but not of the world).

(A Cooperative Capital Development Prototype Model)

P.S.     Please read the above and study the references given. Why? Because and to study to show yourself approved.




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