Public Works Project Development

Jobs Create Peace, formerly known as the Adhoc Committee to Enforce Proposition A, has worked tirelessly for the past three years to implement “at risk” youth employment on Prop A public work projects.  Prop A “Safe Neighborhood Parks Act” is a $1.6 billion bond measure passed by the Los Angeles County voters after the civil unrest of 1992 and augmented again in 1996 to improve neighborhood parks for the next twenty years.

Proposition A was identified and targeted by JCP in that the measure stated:  “All funds allocated pursuant to (the proposition) for projects involving the rehabilitation or restoration of beach, park, recreation, open space or natural lands shall be used to the maximum extent feasible to employ youth from the community in which the particular rehabilitation or restoration project is being carried out.”

Four years later after the passing of Proposition A and over $190 million spent with over $540 million allocated, less than one tenth (1/10) of one percent (1%) of the money spent was spent on at-risk youth employment.  After years of mobilizing and advocacy with the at-risk youth, JCP obtained a quantifiable minimum mandatory employment obligation from the City of Los Angeles on all Prop A, Public Works Contracts through the Department of Recreation and Parks.


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