Statement of Goals

Jobs Create Peace’s goal is to create safe communities by breaking the cycle of the repeat offender and inter-generational gang violence.  This will be achieved by addressing the spiritual, social and economic causes of inter-generational gang violence.
In furtherance of this goal, it is JCP’s purpose to obtain and maintain a continuum of career living wage jobs for high-risk youth and adults.  By providing technical assistance to the public and private community institutional leaders, it is JCP’s goal to affect the outcomes of the policy and decision-makers which are particularly impacting on the quality of life issues for the every day residents in the inner city.  JCP will seek partner members in the following critical areas of concern to influence the positive outcomes:


1.      Political institutions

2.      Business institutions

3.      Financial institutions

4.      Educational institutions

5.      Criminal justice institutions

6.      Faith-based institutions

7.      Media


Therefore, the specific goals of JCP are as follows:

*To provide a comprehensive approach that addresses training, education, social service support, job placement, as well as job retention services for the high-risk youths/adults.

*To multiply the individual effectiveness of community-based organizations and agencies that serve our target population by combining efforts and creating synergy that will avoid duplication of services and maximize resources.

*To develop a centralized clearinghouse for the job placement of high-risk youths/adults in both the public- and private sector jobs, and to take advantage of the vast opportunities for employment in Los Angeles.


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