Experience, Significance, Effectiveness

Experience and Qualifications:

 ·       23 years’ experience as a community base Probation Officer

·       Demonstrated ability in gang prevention, intervention, suppression, mediation, and re-entry.

·       Demonstrated ability in community organizing, coalition and collaboration building.

·       Working knowledge base of non-profit, public and private sector management and policies

·       Demonstrated ability to affect policies and outcomes at the local, state, and federal level.

·       Demonstrated ability to design and implement effective programs resulting in job creation and
retention for the target population.



There are two major critical domestic issues that affect the quality of life for substantially a number of Communities and they are:

Re-Entry of criminal offendersGangs/gang violence

Brad Carson’s work is “Making A Difference” (LA Times, March 2, 1995) in these two societal issues.



Brad Carson’s role has been as the catalyst and “Driving Force” behind the policy changes in both the City and County of Los Angeles for “at-risk” youth/adult employment. These services/programs/initiatives effectiveness are not just identified in the number of people served, but much more than that, they also provided collectively and sequentially a foundational platform that supports future systemic policy changes (saving lives) that can/will be institutionalized and thereby be revolutionary in the way we deliver social/economic development.

It should be recognized and celebrated that in the City of Los Angeles, for the year 2007, LAPD reported that crime was the lowest in 40 years, making Los Angeles the second safest big city in the United States (Dailynews.com 01/03/08, and L.A. Watts Times, “LA Sees Drop in Gang-related Homicides”, October 4, 2007).


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