Mission Statement

No Jobs = No Peace!Jobs Create Peace, (JCP), is a countywide coalition of public and private organizations who collectively optimize their strengths and resources to maximize the number of disadvantaged youth and young adults placed in long-term gainful employment in collaboration with


Summary Overview   

The Jobs Create Peace Coalition, hereafter referred to as JCP, exists to identify, mobilize, and coordinate the complimentary strengths and resources of local and regional public and private partners in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.  These partners are committed to addressing comprehensively the Los Angeles community development public works and human resource needs.  To this end JCP facilitates the delivery of community-based programs that offer training tied to real career-oriented living wage jobs, economic development, welfare and crime reduction, and affordable housing for residents of the City and County of Los Angeles.

Jobs Create Peace, a partner member organization, will build mutually beneficial collaborative interaction between the public and private sector.  In this way, community investment and development, along with the funding and technical assistance needed for various community-based objectives, will be focused on solving the chronic problems that social change leaders consider obstacles to effective long-term job creation and community revitalization.  JCP pledges to rebuild Los Angeles one person and one neighborhood at a time.

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